On the Ball with Tone

3v3 Live Soccer Tour is introducing a new weekly series for soccer players entitled “On The Ball”. This series will show players how to use different mental skills to develop their soccer game and be “mentally on the ball” at game time.


On The Ball with Tone- Aug 10, 2017

If you want to be a successful soccer player, you have to be in good physical shape and always working on your athletic skills and you need to develop your mental game. It’s all about learning and practicing different mental skills to play your best soccer. You want to be “mentally on the ball” every time you step onto the field.


One mental skill that’s important for every soccer player is to focus on and only pay attention to what you control. Remember, there are many things that you can’t control. There’s the weather, the condition of the field, the refs, the spectators and the other teams. The more time you spend thinking and worrying about what you can’t control, the more times you will lose your concentration and composure throughout the game.


The only thing that you do control is yourself. You control your attitude, your behavior, how you practice, your response to different situations and how you choose to play the game. So, if you want to be “mentally on the ball”, you only want to pay attention to and focus on yourself.


Tone Lanzillo

The Mental Skills Coach




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