Benefits of playing small sided games



  1. Challenge/accountability: Players enjoy the challenge of playing a fast-paced game to test their ability. There is no hiding when you only have two team mates. If you don’t get back on defense they score, if you don’t make a run on goal no one else is there. 3v3 is a great tool for forcing players to be accountable. Let’s face it these days we can use all the help we can get keeping our kids accountable…


  1. Touches: According to a recent study, in an average 20-minute 3v3 match, a player will touch the ball roughly every 15 seconds and have an average of 80 touches per game. In comparison, during a FULL 90-minute full-field outdoor soccer game, a player averages 30-40 touches. This is where playing in a competitive Tournament like 3v3 Live really helps. Not only are your players getting over 320 touches these are in game, under presser situations. It would take a whole season of playing full sided games to replicate these kinds of numbers.


  1. Awareness: 3v3 play is continuous with quick restarts and an open flow requiring players to remain engaged at all times. Again with only two other players on your team you are always 1st or 2nd defender and either on ball or 1st or 2nd offensive player as well.


  1. Speed of play: Due to limited space and constant pressure from opponents, players learn to increase their perception, decision making, and execution.


  1. Support: with only three players per team, players will instinctively learn better spacing, passing and movement. Players off the ball must move constantly to find and create space, while being mindful of supporting their teammates.


  1. Knowledge: A team of three players replicates second and third defenders and offensive options. This allows the players to form a triangle on offense and learn how to play off the ball in tight spacing as well as give the offensive player on ball 4 different options, two players to pass, dribble to space or shoot on goal.


  1. Scoring: Everyone LOVES to score goals. This is why most of us play the game. An average number of goals in a 3v3 Live match is 10 per 20 min. That’s 1 goal every 2 minutes. We have also created Gold and Silver levels in each age group to try and create a division for all teams at all Levels.


  1. Nationals/rankings: 3v3 Live ranks every team with 15 points per win at locals, 60 at Regionals and 240 at Nationals. Plus teams get a bonus for making and winning the Championship round. Top teams from around the Country are then invited to our 2 National Championship events.



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